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Join us for OktoberFast: 31 Days of Prayer, Purpose, and Power!

Greetings Family,

I greet you in the joy of Jesus! 

Through prayer, I am led to call our church to a season of prayer and fasting. I pray that you will join us and take the next step with us on the Journey to Jubilee with our OktoberFast: 31 Days of Prayer, Purpose, and Power! 

Throughout the month of October, we will practice the spiritual discipline of fasting as we draw closer to God, discern God’s will for our lives, and deepen our relationship with our community and others. 

Each day in October, I encourage you to read a chapter of Proverbs daily, spend time in prayer, reflection, and meditation with God, and engage in random acts of kindness

I believe by faith that through our sacrifice, we will watch God move in our lives and in the life of our church. 

In the spirit of Ubuntu,

Rev. Stephen A. Green

Types of Fast


OktoberFast — No Meat, Sweets, or Alcohol


Daniel Fast — No Meat, Dairy, Sugar, and Processed Food. Eat only nutritious and plant based foods


Absolute Fast — No food or drink, only water for a period of time (Ex: 6am-6pm)


Please consult with your physician before you begin any fast. Feel free to make any modifications needed for your health. 


31 Days of Prayer, Purpose, and Power


Prayer — Begin each day with at least 10 minutes of prayer, mediation, and reflection


Purpose — Read a chapter of Proverbs daily


Power — Perform one random act of kindness daily

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